Success Stories

Tennessee Supreme Court Affirms Dickson County Search was Unconstitutional

In a case alleging a multi jurisdiction 100 defendant drug conspiracy, I was able to have all incriminating evidence surpassed after arguing that the magistrate, who signed the search warrant lacked jurisdiction to do so.  Client was facing fifteen to sixty years if convicted, State plans to dismiss the charges.

I was successful in the motion hearing at the trial court, at the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals, and at the Tennessee Supreme Court.

The opinion can be read here:

Cheatham County Man Found Not Guilty of Aggravated Assault

After a jury trial, a Cheatham County man was found not guilty of Aggravated Assault.  the case involved self-defense and protection of property.  I was proud to defend my client's 2nd Amendment Rights.

Officers Unable to Prove Probable Cause in Marijuana Case in Houston County

In a recent preliminary hearing, all charges were dismissed against a man in Houston County because officers were not able to establish probable cause that he possessed Marijuana, instead of legal hemp.

All Charges Dismissed in Dickson County Methamphetamine Case

A Dickson County Man was facing twelve years in prison for possession of methamphetamine for resale.  After examining the search warrant, I filed a Motion to Suppress the illegally obtained evidence.  The State dismissed the charges prior to a